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Changing tables

Handling dual battery sets can be complicated and expensive if not done correctly. The parts are configured, designed and produced using the very latest technological advances so you can do your work reliably and quickly.


It is important to ensure the safety of the machine operator and all personnel employed in pursuit of this task. We ensure that changing the set of batteries is accomplished quickly, easily and safely.

Our wide range of extraction tables is available for a variety of sizes, adjustable to the dimensions of your batteries. If you have a fleet of different machines, we can design a new and practical battery change-out system which occupies the least space possible.

  • ADJUSTABLE TO THE HEIGHT OF YOUR MACHINE:All our change-out tables have height-adjustable slip-resistant feet with rubber on the base to reduce the harsh impact of the batteries on the table, thus preventing them from moving around.
  • ROLLERS:The tables come equipped with 60 mm diameter steel rollers which are able to support 450 Kg each.
  • JOINTSWe have various connection systems which allow us to create a gapped row for possible fastening together of tables in the charging room without losing space between them, all the while maintaining perfect alignment.
  • SAFETY LOCKS:All the niches have a safety lock to fix the battery in place and prevent it from falling.
  • ANTI-TIPPER GUARDRAILS:It is necessary to provide the change-out tables for narrow batteries with rails to prevent bumps and to stop them falling.

Charger Holders

All charger couplings and cables must be protected in all the facilities. All our charger shelving and hangers feature a fixture to which the couplings can be bolted. If you have an HF charger, we can provide a light metallic structure.